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Bath (5)
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Cheltenham (5)
Chichester (5)
Crawley (5)
Croydon (5)
Gravesend (5)
High Wycombe (5)
Hitchin (5)
Hove (5)
Huddersfield (5)
Leighton Buzzard (5)
Petersfield (5)
Pinner (5)
St. Albans (5)
Stockport (5)
Woking (5)
Worthing (5)
Aberdeen (4)
Canterbury (4)
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Osteopaths 4 U!

Welcome to osteopaths 4 U .co.uk - Our website is dedicated to providing information about all the Local osteopaths and osteopath clinics in the UK.

The listings on our site will provide help to people looking for osteopaths, osteopath clinics and the possibility of school osteopathy in the UK.

We have listed addresses, websites, postcodes and information about all the osteopaths in the UK.

Please contact the osteopaths using the information we provide if you are interested in using the osteopath companies or if you require more information.

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Latest Osteopath Reviews

* Paul Moody review by Renya James

A highly skilled osteopath who has a deep understanding of his patients and their many complex and varied problems. I have visited and worked with osteopaths for over 40 years and have never

Jan 1, 2013 - read more
* M Hale review by b george

michael has treated both my husband and self since 1986 and is the only person that has given instant relief from one visit, not 4 or 5 and no suction cups. he is hands on. He is also a very

Dec 9, 2012 - read more
* Sharon Procter review by A Holder

Sharon was reccomnded to me when my previous osteopath retired. Everything he told me about her is true, she cares, she has great knowledge which she constantly seeks to improve and update

Oct 26, 2012 - read more
* Philip Courtney & Associates review by Mohammed

Great, I hurt my back in the gym, could not bend or move. My gp told be to take pain killers. I was recommended to see Phill, I went and he fixed my back there and then, I had full range of

Aug 19, 2012 - read more
* Spa Osteopathic Clinic review by Will

Took my elderly mother whom Janice was so gentle with that on the way home she said it was a waste of money. By the next day she was so much better she was totally won over. Janice is awesom

Aug 16, 2012 - read more
* Copperbeech Osteopathic Clinic review by Neil Tague

very good, comprehensive diognostics and good treatment, discusses all treatments and gives good advise on home self follow up treatment.

Jul 30, 2012 - read more
* Stephen Milton review by Marguerite Ballard

Steve is a very good osteopath and fitness instructor. He is always ready to help and very enthusiastic in whatever way he can

May 18, 2012 - read more
* Edward Kennedy review by Anna Lawrence

I have been seeing Edward Kennedy for 12 years for a congenital broken back and he has always been able to give me immediate pain relief with manipulation that no physiotherapist can, he is

May 17, 2012 - read more
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